“When Hetty Kate takes the stage you can’t help but notice. She has a stage presence only matched by the clarity of her voice – couple this with her dedication to music that swings and you have the jazz musician’s singer.”

James Morrison AM – Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger & Educator

“She’s truly one of the best swing-style vocalists (I’m talking 1940, Benny Goodman style 4/4 swing) on the current scene..”

Will Friedwald’s Clip Joint USA 2015

“Having worked with many singers, I have discovered that they are much like pianists – in which pyrotechnics dominate the show. However, occasionally, a new breed of performer arises, in which nuance, style and poise are the focal points. Hetty Kate falls into this category. Her voice is smooth and yet crisp, informed with an intelligence and preternatural understanding of rhythm and dynamics, so much so that she is truly a musician first and a singer second. Every gig with her is different – a true wonder to behold.”

Simon Tedeschi – Australian Classical Pianist

“Hetty has an approach to the songs that feels just right. She sings with an easy confidence that is infectious.”

Joseph Lang : Jersey Jazz Magazine USA 2015

“I can’t praise this album (Dim All The Lights – ABC Jazz 2014) highly enough ☆☆☆☆½”

Sydney Fine Music Radio 102.5FM 2014

“Understated, apparently cool, but with real passion…”

Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives USA 2014

“Hetty Kate is introduced to the stage and displays an effortless vocal style.”

Greg Phillips, ‘Stonnington Jazz Festival 2014’, Australia

“A warm and engaging performer with an ability to communicate the essence of whatever she is singing. A valuable addition to our musical landscape”

Mal Stanley, ’Jazztrack’ , ABC Classic FM/ABC Jazz, Australia

“Like Peggy Lee on a Vespa..”

Marc Myers – (USA) 2012

“A charismatic and technically gifted vocalist whose gorgeous timbre carries echoes of Peggy Lee, June Christy and Julie London”

Chris May – All About Jazz (USA) 2011

“A cheeky, but really good girl singer..”

Dan McClenaghan – All About Jazz (USA) 2011

“…The musicianship on display is stunning, but, the real gem is Hetty’s voice – stunningly evocative and tinged with an infinite sadness.”

John Freeman – John Freeman Writing UK

“…Hetty Kate’s voice overflows with a natural musicality. Hetty can do no wrong, whether she is singing a familiar standard, infused with relaxed charm and style, or trying her hand at something new and filled with innocent bravado…”

Richard Fields 3CR Radio Melb AU (

“..a great feeling when you receive a CD on your desk and it truly delivers when you put it in to listen. Beautiful enchanting and some fine reworking of Jazz Standards a big future ahead!”

Christian Bragg, Head of Music. Jazz FM (

“Listening to Hetty Kate sing, I now know what a sponge pudding must feel like when you pour warm syrup over it..”

Michael Morton-Evans, 2MBS Sydney

“…I think part of the appeal of Hetty Kate’s voice is what she doesn’t do. There’s no breathy ingénue routine and there’s no attempt at scat. Instead she keeps things innocent and playful, keeping close to the melody and just letting her own pure tone and the songs work their magic.”

The Way You Wear Your Hat – Jazz Review Blog – AU

“…there is never a single note of irony in any of Hetty’s effortless interpretations of these old-time, all-time classic songs. This is a CD which can make any tough day sweet again…”

H. William Stine, Turntable For One, WMNR-FM (

“…Hetty’s got a lovely relaxed way of singing that puts listeners at ease (rather like the wonderful Susannah McCorkle, now sadly dead). Some singers are so keen to show off their technique that one as a listner gets nervous. Hetty just swings along and takes us for a joyful ride, as Susannah did.. and she made 14 CDs for Concord in the ’90s…”

Steve Robertson “The Swinging Years”, 3RPC in Portland

“…She has a masterful way with lyrics, bringing them to vibrant and exciting life as if each were an expression of her own private thoughts….we’ll hear a lot more of Hetty Kate in the future.”

Brian Harvey –

“…Hetty Kate! What a fabulous performer!”

Ann Creber “The Good Life”, Spectrum Radio. 91.7fm – Australia

“…Hetty Kate’s breezy vocals just want to make you smile…”

Joel Carnegie. 3MBS 103.5FM Melbourne Australia