Virtually Meaningless – British New Wave Reimagined

Vocalist Hetty Kate begins touring with her newest project

Melbourne jazz vocalist Hetty Kate teams up with award winning Hammond Trio to present a selection of British New Wave hits from the 80’s as viewed through the kaleidoscope of jazz harmony. They have a selection of exclusive shows in some of Melbourne’s premier performance venues (shows below). Expect songs by Tears For Fears, Kate Bush, XTC, A Flock of Seagulls, Bronski Beat and more.

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Hetty is available for phone interview, please contact if interested. Tickets are on sale now.

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Friday 20th November : 8pm
Kew Courthouse (Hawthorn Arts Centre), 188 High Street, Kew
Tickets : $27 / $23 (concession)

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British new wave, pop and rock with a jazz sensibility

Wolf & Hound

Wolf & Hound

After the success of the Grayson, Farrugia and Sherlock 2015 original instrumental release ‘Wolf & Hound’, jazz vocalist Hetty Kate has invited them to collaborate with her for a new project exploring and combining transoceanic and disparate musical genres. Drawing from an eclectic collection of British new wave, pop and rock, the group reinterpret and reharmonise this iconic music with a jazz sensibility.

The hammond organ jazz trio is a rarity on the Australian musical landscape. Consisting of the classic Hammond B3 organ together with a Leslie cabinet, drums and guitar, the trio allows an open sound that gave equal weight to each musician, allowing a freedom not often found in larger ensembles. The colours and space within are the perfect conduit to deliver a beautiful, yet uncommon, presentation of the music that shaped a generation.

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What does jazz and British New Wave music have in common? Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything – and this is a question vocalist Hetty Kate and Hammond Organ trio Grayson, Farrugia & Sherlock have sought to answer with their new concert. The band have taken the transoceanic styles, and combined them, presenting some of the greatest hits of the British New Wave era (Madness, A Flock of Seagulls, XTC) through a sophisticated lens of jazz harmony and texture.
Hetty often gathers her jazz repertoire from the well worn pages of The Great American Songbook, music from theatre and Hollywood films, music from a time where much of the world was going through intense change. By performing this music jazz musicians and vocalists are continuing a thread, and keeping the flame bright for the generations that went before. Hetty cherishes a memory from an early wedding gig, when she watched the bride’s elderly grandfather, a frail man full of love and pride, light up as soon as the band played a Duke Ellington song. As his eyes filled with the memories of his youth, and the music took him back to his own time as a young man, he stood gently out of his wheelchair and danced slowly with his grand-daughter.

In comparison, the soundtrack of Hetty’s childhood, during the 80s in Britain, was the synthesisers and layers of New Wave music, which careened across the airwaves and out of record players and cassette decks. This is the music she will reminisce to in the winter of her life and naturally this comparison sparked the idea of a musical meld between the two, perhaps disparate, genres.

On Tuesday 20 October, Hetty Kate will perform two concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon, the first a glimpse into the music of The Great American Songbook, popular jazz and swing from the hey-day of Hollywood, at 2pm. For the second at 6pm, she will be presenting the first performance of ‘Virtually Meaningless’ (New Wave meets Jazz) with an outstanding Hammond trio.

// Hetty Kate

“A charismatic and technically gifted vocalist..” Chris May – All About Jazz (USA)

Lauded for her ‘natural musicality’, Hetty is one of Australian jazz luminary James Morrison’s favourite singers and has graced stages from New Zealand to New York. Always busy and inspired, she has released six acclaimed albums, sung for the lindy-hop/swing-dance community across Europe, Asia and Australia, and more recently has joined the ABC Jazz / Universal Music stable of vocalists. Now dividing her time between Europe and Melbourne, she is currently in the studio recording two new releases for the end of the year, and preparing to tour New Zealand.


“Understated, apparently cool, but with real passion…” Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives USA

“A warm and engaging performer …” Mal Stanley, ’Jazztrack’ , ABC Classic FM/ABC Jazz, Australia

“Like Peggy Lee on a Vespa..” Marc Myers – (USA)

“A charismatic and technically gifted vocalist..” Chris May – All About Jazz (USA)

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